Battery Innovation

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February 13-14, 2020, Togliatti,
Technopark "Zhiguli Valley"

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Dear colleagues, partners, participants of the international scientific and technical conference "BATTERY INNOVATION", I am glad to welcome you!

Today, the chemical current sources industry faces global challenges: product quality improvement, competitiveness increase and innovations introduction.

Together, we need to create a powerful scientific and technological reserve, which will allow us to create world-class products, while being competitive in price. The comprehensive approach of all market participants is important, which consists of considering such significant issues as putting forward of legislative initiatives to protect the market and state support measures, formation of the most promising areas for scientific research, coordination of efforts to maintain the raw material security of the industry, joint development of measures to overcome staff shortages, control of fake and counterfeit products.

 “BATTERY INNOVATION” is the first annual specialized event in Russia aimed at the development of production, science, technology and engineering in the field of current sources and energy storage systems. The capital of the Russian automobile industry and automotive components production – Togliatti, was chosen as the city to hold the conference.

Particularly significant within the framework of the conference is the possibility of establishing cooperation between enterprises and leading universities and research institutes in order to convert fundamental research to developments of applicable nature and their introduction into mass production.

Our joint task is to form a technologically powerful industry of chemical current sources. This can only be achieved by adopting an agreed single practice in the field of production and creating an effective system for collecting and processing of current sources.

I invite you to take an active part in the conference “BATTERY INNOVATION” every year and, developing in new directions, based on the trends dictated by the global market, to contribute to the creation of the “ENERGY MARKET of the FUTURE”.

I sincerely wish all participants and guests of the conference productive discussions, scientific and technical ideas and developments, successful business contacts and innovative achievements!


Nikolay Ignatiev

President of the “AKOM” Group of Companies

The international scientific and technical conference "Battery Innovation 2020"

February 13-14, 2020, Togliatti

An international scientific and technical conference "Battery Innovation 2020" was held in Togliatti, Samara Region on February 13-14, 2020. The conference is organized by AKOM Group (official website: and the Scientific Technical Center “Accumulator of Innovations” (official website:

The conference is an effective communication platform for professional discussion of topical issues, tasks and prospects for the development of the chemical current sources industry. The main purpose of the event is developing a competitive, sustainable, structurally balanced industrial sphere capable of effective self-development through integration into the global technological environment as well as the development and application of advanced technologies that ensure increased productivity, formation and development of new markets.